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A custom built asset management software

AsseTrack AMS is a  web based asset management system in Kenya designed for the efficient management of any company’s fixed assets. Each Institution needs to know the value of their fixed assets, their location, custodian, the date they were checked out, expected return date and the current status of each asset.

It is also important to have a system that tracks the movement history of each asset and its depreciation as time passes by. AsseTrack AMS helps establishing a computerized system for tracking and recording all fixed assets and generates statutory, business and control related standard and dynamic reports.

It improves management of widely dispersed assets of an organization, resulting in better accounting practices, maintenance and upkeep of the assets.

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Why Choose AsseTrack FAMS?

Simplify Fixed Asset Tracking


Get custom reports for decision making.

AsseTrack FAMS gives you customised reports that are generated according to user demands.

Increase asset productivity

Are you looking for a solution to deter theft, conduct prevent maintenance, and handle financial accounting of your fixed assets?

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

With state of the art barcode asset management system to manage asset allocation, asset capture, disposal, check in/out etc

Security in Our Platform

AsseTrack FAMS is only as secure as the system it runs on. Well-established security policy reviewed quarterly.

Fixed Asset Management Software


Fixed asset tracking software / AsseTrack is a centralized system that allows your organization to track important details about each asset in real time. This decreases administrative costs, improves service and gives your organization greater visibility into asset utilization, costs and maintenance.

Fixed asset management is an accounting process for tracking fixed assets for the purposes of cost variation, monitor, financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence. Our Web based asset management software in Kenya and other parts of the world is for fixed asset management is targeted for schools assets, companies assets, NGO assets, County Government assets, Church Assets, Governments and parastatals, Universities and colleges, Oil and Gas and small and large organizations.

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Our Web Based Asset Management System Case Use

The Asset Tracking software is web-based and needs only to be installed at your server and all your branches will be connected.

To allow access from all devices and locations, we can do an on premise installation or it can also be installed on an internet server.

Centralized Role-based Data

All of your asset information is centralized and accessible. Since everyone you work with logs in to the same asset database, you have all of your asset information in one place.

Data Import

Already using an asset tracking spreadsheet? Easily import existing information via Microsoft Excel.

Barcode Label Ordering

Order durable aluminium asset labels directly from the system. Choose from a variety of options, including barcode type, text and label size.

Physical Inventory

Streamline your next fixed asset inventory by up to 70%. Simply scan the room, scan the assets you find, then move on to the next room.

Organizations Trust AsseTrack FAMS – Fixed Asset Management System

Access centrally stored information over a network

Introducing the LDAP

LDAP Stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is a lightweight client-server protocol used to access centrally stored information over a network. LDAP cannot create or specify how a directory service operates. LDAP provides directory support to browser applications that do not have directory service support.

Asset Tracking Software

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AsseTrack FAMS serves customers from all over the country and the globe.

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