Asset Tracking In Industries

What is asset tracking?

Asset tracking refers to the process you use to document all your company’s physical assets.Typically this involves a centralized platform that provides details such as location, owner, contract and maintenance history for all assets in real time.

Using asset tracking software automates manual processes involved in asset management. And as we all know, eliminating manual labor can significantly reduce wasted time, energy and expenses.

Asset tracking is an important part of modern-day workplace management. If you don’t know what you own (or lease), you have no idea how much it’s costing you and whether it’s still working properly. Asset tracking is the first step to determining the total cost of ownership for all the items in your workplace, from large equipment to office furniture and computers.

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Asset Tracking In Industries

Creating accurate asset registers, reducing costs, and improving asset tracking management are just a few of the many benefits that asset tracking tools can offer a business. With the advancement in IoT, tagging, and cloud-based software, tracking is becoming an easy-to-use and essential part of all asset-intensive organizations.


Scan items in and out of your inventory with smart phones, import excel sheets and instantly achieve proper inventory tracking.

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Track all your assets, furniture, and valuable equipment. Create daily routines for cleaning and maintenance with checklists to ensure they’re completed. Track asset depreciation and ownership, and more – all in one place.

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Make your life easier with auditing and inventory control. Streamline your operations by making disposable inventory tracking a breeze. Keep track of any needed calibrations & equipment cleaning.

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Oil & Gas

Keep track of any needed calibrations & equipment cleaning. Monitor all your equipment, from Oil Rigs to repair tools from one place.

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Track all your equipment, from sports uniforms to borrowed laptops, from a centralized location.

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AV & Media

Track thousands of cameras and other photography gear easily. Check who has equipment in the field to ensure it’s returned on time and in good condition.

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Track thousands of hardware units with ease. Monitor installed software, and ensure your company equipment is used according to existing policy.

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Store and monitor all your assets from one centralized location. Improve the way you purchase new assets, assign equipment to users easily to prevent thefts and losses.

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Banking & Finance

A simple way to track, maintain, and manage banking equipment. Control ATMs, manage equipment at all your branches, and oversee equipment transfers.

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Facility Management

Lose less time to breakdowns by scheduling routine maintenance activities. Link your inventory and spare parts to their respective machinery, and set up automatic reorder levels to never run low on stock.

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Track all of your equipment and inventory. Supercharge your production-line efficiency by instantly locating tools, and scheduling their usage.

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Save time & effort by cataloguing and organizing all your equipment. Track & Scan equipment on the go with our iOS / Android apps.

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Sport & Wellness

Checkout equipment seamlessly and know exactly who is using them. Monitor locations & maintenance histories, and perform audits using our iOS/Android Apps.

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Food & Beverages

Manage your ingredient inventory better, while improving quality control & maintaining high-quality output. Identify inefficiencies in your processes to eliminate them and improve your profit margin.

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What are the benefits of asset tracking?

  • Lower administrative costs
  • Better accountability and cost savings
  • Improved customer service
  • Planning for future growth
  • Maintaining certifications
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved accuracy