Track thousands (Millions?) of assets from one place

An infinitely expandable database lets you effortlessly keep track of everything you own.

Increase asset usage Transparency

A comprehensive tracking suite allows you to allocate responsibility to specific users, prevent thefts, and losses, and increase your ROI.

Automatically create detailed asset histories

  • From purchase to disposal, track each piece of equipment throughout its lifetime, with detailed movement, maintenance, and usage logs.
  • Ensure error free information with in-built audits
  • Allocate responsibility to users to prevent thefts & create a trail of responsibility
  • Create access levels to determine what actions individuals can take

Automate your processes to streamline operations

  • Enable accurate asset deployment and stock-keeping.
  • Know what assets you have, their condition and where they are at all times

View & Scan asset data using Bar-code scanning

  • Use the in-built Bar-code system to check equipment in and out.
  • Know who had an item every time it was moved, and know exactly where all your assets are using maps integration.

GPS Integration

  • Advanced scanning capabilities and GPS integration allow for secure and accurate documentation of assets’ condition and availability.

Track your assets from your phone

  • Track assets quickly and easily with handheld barcode scanners, Smartphones and tablet PC’s.
  • Check in, check out, locate, scan, and track assets—anytime, anywhere.

Generate documentation for filing and record-keeping

  • Track and maintain various types of documents such as delivery receipts, purchase orders, financial/legal records, sensitive documents, and document/drawing configuration management